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Ekumfi Atwia wad organic pineapples association

WAD - Producteurs Ghana EAWOFA

Ekumfi Atwia Wad Organic Farmers Association (EAWOFA) are small-scale producers in central region of Ghana.

They have over two decades of experience in organic pineapple cultivation been our first farmers group.

Culture - Production

We use suckers from previous pineapple harvests to plant new ones, ensuring sustainability.

It takes an average of one and half years for the fruit to be ready. To guarantee top-quality fruits, our pineapples are tested on the field before harvesting.

The start of flowering is controlled by an enzyme called ethylene. By nature, pineapples produce little ethylene, compared with other fruits such as papaya.

WAD - Ananas pain de sucre

The sugarloaf pineapple remains green even when ripe.

Contrary to what we can think of pineapples don’t ripe after harvest. It must therefore get ripe before harvest. It’s not like banana that continues to ripe after harvest.

The yellow pineapple that we see everywhere is less fragile and travels better than the sugarloaf variety.

 Those varieties are smooth cayenne and MD2. It’s like a green and yellow apple, the two are different varieties and keep different colours when ripe.

The Fresh Pineapple Shop

Patrick's pineapple is a Sugarloaf variety. The ripe fruit remains green and is cone-shaped. It is very sweet, soft and juicy. The flesh is white to slightly yellow, and the heart is tender. It is produced in Ghana in the traditional way, by groups of small farmers, and harvested when ripe.

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wad ananas patrick pain de sucre

Some photos

WAD - Cultivateur d'ananas

WAD - Cultivatrice d'ananas

WAD- Cultivateur dans un champ d'ananas

WAD- Cultivateur dans un champ d'ananas

WAD- Cultivatrice dans un champ d'ananas


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