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  • Fruit from Ghana
    WAD - We Are Different, and you ?

    Producers of fresh and processed fruits

    Choosing WAD fruit means eating healthily while respecting nature

  • Crowdfunding for a bridge in Ghana
    Crowdfunding - Into practice

    Producers of fresh and processed fruits

    It's thanks to your donations that the bridge reconstruction project has been able to go ahead, big thank you!

  • Children of Ghana
    Sustainability - Social responsibility

    You too can support the rural population

    Supporting their fair trade means offering their children a future

  • Sustainability - Environmental impact
    Sustainability - Environmental impact

    Taking care of your environment

    We prioritize sustainability and environmental responsibility in every aspect of our operations

  • Patrick Pineapple
    Sustainability - Economic impact

    Cultivating with care and love

    Through fair trade practices, we empower local farmers

  • Giraffes of Ghana

    Fruits WAD - A taste of Africa

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Local African products

Discover the potential of small-scale farmers in Ghana

For over two decades, we've been working with small farmers using organic farming practices, processing the produce and exporting our handcrafted organic dried fruit and other products.

We offer the following products:

Fresh or dried products from traditional organic farming

Natural and fair trade

WAD's main objective is to offer products that support small-scale farmers in their fight against poverty, while respecting the environment. « Through fair trade practices, we empower local farmers with consistent income ».

We support small scale farmers in their fight to alleviate poverty by adding value and promoting their products on the export market. The knowledge of our farmers and their individual hand harvesting to select only mature fruits, coupled with all the steps in our processing: peeling, cutting, and packaging been done by hand gives a more accurate check and allows us to offer you a high-quality product.

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Where to buy?

You can buy all our products via our online shop. Orders can either be delivered or collected from one of our sales outlets.

Our products are also available at markets and various points of sale (shops) in Swiss Romandie.

Become a reseller

Become a retailer of our top-quality handcrafted organic dried fruit and other Wad products.

The sale of WAD products is open to any person or company interested in our concept and prepared to follow our ethical charter. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Would you like to contact us?

Wad, Patrick Deegbe
Av. C. F. Ramuz 101
CH-1009 Pully

Tél. +41 21 626 18 15
Fax +41 21 626 18 17
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Opening times
Wednesday : 14h à 18h00
Friday : 10h à 13h30 | 16h30 à 19h00

Our philosophy

Quality products and social commitments

Producer groups

Soil quality and weather conditions have a direct impact on fruit quality.
To ensure optimum conditions for each type of production, we work with groups of farmers in different locations.

Various forms of support

We support local communities in the fields of education and health, in collaboration with some of our customers and companies who are committed to working alongside us.

Here are just a few examples of the support we've given to our communities.
- Kasoa Government Hospital
- Takebe Ekumfi Atwia School
- Gomoa Gyman School

Management and Production Team

The management of Wad is assured by women.

The production team is made of skilled workforce. Their hard work is instrumental in crafting the premium-quality organic dry fruits and other products that Wad offers.

WAD, the fruit of a human adventure

In 1995, Patrick Deegbe, a crop scientist, and Christiane Deegbe, a nurse, discovered Tubaman-Weija during a vegetable project, sparking their journey.

In 2000, they founded Weija Agriculture Development (WAD) to support the village's cooperative, diversifying their production.

The following year, they introduced sugarloaf pineapples to Switzerland, famously referred to as "Patrick's pineapple." WAD's growth led to a move to Ghana Industrial Commercial Estate (GICEL) in 2003, adding mangoes and papaya to their export lineup.

Certified organic in 2004, they joined forces with FAO on a poverty alleviation project. Expanding across other regions, WAD evolved into Wad African Foods Ltd in 2005, establishing a processing facility in GICEL by 2012.

WAD - African Food Limited



Online shop

WAD  Av. C.F. Ramuz 101, 1009 Pully  +41 21 626 18 15  +41 78 803 04 84

Open on Wednesday from 14h to 18h00 and on Friday from 10h to 13h30 | 16h30 to 19h00

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