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  • Wad social responsibilities

    WAD is the acronym of Weija Agricultural development.

    It’s with time and reflection that the ideas of WAD got implemented.

    We believe in the potential of small scale farmers and work to make that visible. We encourage our partner farmers to be autonomous to allow them to develop their villages in a sustainable way. Wad begun in the year 2000 with the aim of participating in the fight against poverty in the rural poor in Ghana.

    The founder of WAD, Patrick Deegbe a crop scientist and Christiane Deegbe a nurse got to know the village of Tubaman–Weija in 1995 through a vegetable project they carried out. They realised an important logistics problem. They sent agricultural materials and put in place a farmer’s cooperative in Tubaman-.weija. WAD created a company to manage the materials and the cooperative.

    Currently the activities of WAD has extended to the Ekumfi district in the central region of Ghana for pineapples, Somanya for mangoes, Kwanaryo and Krodua for coconut and papaya.

    The aim is to promote the products of small scale farmers in Switzerland.

    Wad is certified organic by Ecocert and Bio inspecta. For Fairtrade Wad and its producers are certified by FLO cert. You can find the current organic certificate and Fairtrade certificate on clicking on the links.

    Points of sale

    You can find shops that Wad sells directly to by clicking the link.

    Wad also sells to whole sellers who repackage products in their own packaging materials.

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