Roasted groundnuts

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The matured grounds are harvested manually by uprooting them from the soil. The protective covering is broken manually and the best grains sorted out. For the roasted ground nut, the nuts are roasted using manioc powder to avoid over burning of grains.
Available throughout the year

Culture - Production

The Wad peanut is grown in Krodua.

The groundnuts are planted by hand and harvested at maturity after 3 months.

Where groundnuts are grown, they are alternated with ginger planting as a means of improving the soil and reducing pest accumulation.


Our groundnuts are not roasted in oil.

This is the way Wad’s groundnuts are roasted:
The nuts are cracked by hand then sorted manually to remove any bad nuts.

The groundnuts are roasted on charcoal fire, in a recipient that contains manioc powder. They are not roasted in oil. After the roasting they are slightly salted.

Valeurs nutritives pour 100g

Energy 597.3 Kca
Protein 26.8g
Fat 50.5g
Carbohydrates 8.9g
Dietary fibers 8.4g


Normally all year round
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