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Wad grows different varieties of mangoes namely Keitt, Kent, Julie, Erwi, Jaffna, Ardon and Palma. Each variety has its own flavor and the mangoes are not stringy.


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Culture - Production

Farmers that cultivate Wad’s mangoes can be found in Somanya in the eastern region of Ghana. The soil in Somanya favours the
cultivation of mangoes. The region has two seasons of mangoes per year.
Mango trees normally produce fruits after 3 – 4 years of planting. The mango season is clearly defined. The small season starts from Middle of November to early March.
The mango season is from End of May to September. However due to climatic change this period may slightly vary.


The varieties imported by Wad are: Keitt, Kent, Julie, Erwin and Palma.mangue-biologique

All the mango fruits on the same tree doesn’t get to maturity at the same time. That’s why the fruits are not calibrated but selected according to their maturity and transported and when ripe.

Valeurs nutritives pour 100g

Energy 58 Kcal or 242 KJ
Fat 0.2g
Protein 0.6g
Carbohydrates 13.4g
Food fiber 2.3g


Only available at our points of sale and according to season
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