Dry organic papaya

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The variety dried is solo. The ripe fruits are brought to Weija from Kwanyarko and Krodua. They are washed and peeled manually. The seeds are then removed,
cut into slices and put into the dryer.
More than 20 Kg of papaya is needed to dry 1 kg of papaya.

Certified organic

Culture - Production

The papaya farmers of Wad are found at Krodua and Botoku in the Eastern and central region of Ghana.


There are three types of papaya trees. The female, male and hermaphrodite. Only the female and hermaphrodite can produce fruits.


In less than a year after planting the papaya tree begins to yield fruits. One can harvest between 15 to 30 fruits per tree per year. The variety cultivated is “solo”.


We peel, cut and pack everything by hand for quality reasons and in order to check precisely the condition of the fruit to be dried and the quality.

The fruit dryers we use meet the European food industry requirements.

We use solar energy in our production.


This is how it is dried:


The papaya is washed and then manually peeled.

papaye-wad-1The seeds are removed and then the fruit sliced by the help of a knife.

The sliced fruits are arranged on the trays and put in the dehydrators.

papaye-washing-crateThe trays and other utensils and equipment used are washed after each drying .

Valeurs nutritives pour 100g

Energy 326 Kcal
Protein 5g
Lipids 1.10g
Carbohydrates 83.70g


Throughout the year
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