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3 March 2016

  Mango season  

News in Switzerland

Le jus de gingembre sera à l’honneur à Soleure.

31 December 2015

  Renewal energies  

News in Ghana

In 2015 Wad invested in renewal energies

Solar energy

Wad has installed a 7 KWh solar panels. This can produce about 10,100 KWh per year and contributes to the reduction of about 7 tons of CO2 emission.

Bio gas system

Wad invested in a Biogas digested. This with the intention to convert its waste from the production (pineapple, mango and papaya peels) into biogas which will be used by the fruit dryers.

Reverse osmosis water treatment

In other to have its own source of water for the production of its products. Wad invested in a borehole which was dug to 100 m level to get a clean source of water. The underground water is then treated again through a reverse osmosis installation.


Biogas construction Bole hole 2 Building of bio gas Drilling for under ground water Fixing solar Solar panels

10 October 2015

  He reaps the fruits of his ethics  

News in Switzerland

Patrick Deegbe has created a network of organic and fair trade between the countries of origin and of adoption, Ghana and Switzerland.

Article from “The union Event” October 10, 2015

See the PDF (french only)

7 March 2015

  Tropical Fruit rhymes with true ethics  

Newspaper articles

The full article is available on the newspaper’s website “24 heures”.

See the article (in french only)

29 January 2009

  Sugar loaf : Organic, fair and sweet  

Newspaper articles

Article from « Terre et Nature » 29 January 2009.

See the PDF (french only)

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